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George Olson

Summit Nature Workshop George is a well-known photojournalist and magazine editor. He also has great success in the ominous freelance industry. My Story George Olson began his career as College Photographer
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Sadie Quarrier - Adventure Photography Workshop

Sadie Quarrier

My Story Sadie Quarrier is a Senior Photo Editor at National Geographic Magazine where she is in charge of adventure stories in addition to editing a diverse range of other
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Mark Reis - Sports Photography Workshop

Mark Reis

Mark is the former deputy director of photography of the Colorado Springs Gazette — and certainly one of the finest newspaper photographers working in the nation. Mark has now entered
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Corey Rich - Adventure Photography Workshop

Corey Rich

My Story Corey Rich is one of the world's most recognized adventure and outdoor lifestyle visual storytellers. He has captured stunning still photos and video on a wide array of
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Jim Richardson - Summit Photography Workshops

Jim Richardson

My Story Jim has work appearing regularly in National Geographic magazine and National Geographic Traveler in addition to Geographic books. Jim is on assignment for Nat Geo projects almost full time
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Bob Rosato

Summit Sports Workshop Bob is a hardworking sports photographer that has travelled all over the world covering sporting events. He also took his entrepreneurial talent to start US Presswire — a rival wire service
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Amy Sancetta

Summit Sports Workshop Amy is known for her work with Associated Press wire services covering many sporting events. She also won a Pulitzer Prize early on in her career. My Story
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Robert Seale

Summit Sports Workshop Robert's role at the Sports Workshop is to showcase portrait & lighting techniques for unique visuals in sports & photojournalism fields.  My Story Robert Seale is a Houston
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Callie Shell

Summit Nature Workshop Callie's work has been in books, newspapers, and major magazines. It also transcends over many styles from portraiture to documentary.  My Story Shell is currently a contract
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Brad Smith

My Story Brad Smith is an award winning photo editor, with 35 years experience in visual storytelling. He’s the former DOP at Time Inc., Sports Group, which included Sports Illustrated
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Brian Storm

Summit Multimedia Workshop Brian was a leader into the multimedia world as he understood the importance of varying formats to tell a story. My Story Brian Storm was a pioneer in
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Damian Strohmeyer

Summit Sports Workshop Damian is a prime example of a well-rounded Sports Illustrated photographer that can make an amazing photograph out of any sports venue or athlete.  My Story One of
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Joey Terrill

Recently appointed as a Nikon Ambassador, Joey is a Los Angeles-based corporate and editorial photographer with a long and varied career in photography. In recent years Joey has migrated towards
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Mark Terrill

My Story One of the Associated Press' top sports photographers, he covers sports assignments from the Los Angeles bureau. In addition to his skills as a photographer, he's known for
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Ryan Taylor - Adventure Photography Workshop

Ryan Taylor

Ryan is an action sports photographer and commercial cinematographer based out of Minneapolis, Minnesota. Focusing on wakeboarding and snowboarding, Ryan strive's to create something new and unique every time he
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Beth Wald

Summit Multimedia Workshop Beth combines a lifelong passion of the natural environment and a fascination for the world's diverse cultures. My Story Beth combines a lifelong love of the natural environment
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Marv Watson - Sports Photography Workshop

Marv Watson

My Story Marv Watson is a senior photo editor for Red Bull Content Pool, where he works with a variety of disciplines, from freestyle skiing to freestyle motocross, as well
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Hans Weise

Summit Multimedia Workshop Hans shows us the wide variety and breadth that visual storytelling can be. At the National Geographic, he focuses on short-form video fit for the magazine's iPad edition.
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Melissa Wiley

Summit Multimedia Workshop Melissa has unique knowledge into the growing world of cross-platform for photography, video, mobile, and more.  My Story Melissa Wiley is Director of Photography and Video for National
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Scott Willson - Adventure Photography Workshop

Scott Willson

My Story Scott Willson has an extensive career as an editor in the adventure photography industry. Scott has worked with countless photographers on a multitude of different shoots and he
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Rhona Wise - Photographer

Rhona Wise

My Story As a freelance photographer for Reuters, Agence France Presse, Bloomberg News and the European Pressphoto Agency, Rhona has witnessed some of most memorable moments of the past two
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