Celestial Events: Photographing the Sun & Moon

In a two-part workshop, learn how to take the best photos of sunrises, sunsets, moonrises, and moonsets. While we will talk about equipment and exposure needed to capture the best quality images of celestial events, this workshop is more about understanding that taking good photos is not random but come as a result of good planning. We will talk about how to position yourself exactly where you need to be at the exact time to catch the sun and the moon in a place you want to photograph them. In today’s world, technology is critical in helping photographers capture great images so we will cover the use of alignment apps, weather apps, and Google Street View to ensure that you never miss what you are looking for.

The first session will coincide with a celestial event, like a full moon rise that you will go out and photograph so we can in the second session of our workshop review your work and discuss what went right and what didn’t.

Workshop Tuition: $249

taking good photos is not random but come as a result of good planning

Two online sessions       |     personalized feedback    |     Hands-on practice
all sessions are at 8PM EST. All sessions will be recorded and made available to students
Session One: July 26
  • What makes a good celestial image
  • Discussion about people in photos, this is such a contentious issue, should photos be people free?!
  • Choice of lenses for capturing celestial events
  • Technical settings and aspects to photographing celestial events
  • Apps and other tools can set you up for success
  • Making the strongest photo in-camera

There is a gap between sessions for students to put the lesson to practice! When the group returns for the second session - they will have the opportunity for feedback, and discussion on what went well, and what challenges they faced

Session Two: August 16
  • Editing and Student photo critique
  • Discussion on how to take images to the next level
  • Cropping images for maximum impact
Workshop Tuition: $249 

Meet your instructor

Gary Hershorn

Gary Hershorn is an award-winning Canadian photographer and picture editor. Hershorn’s 40-year career began in 1979 at United Press International in Toronto. He started at Reuters in 1985 as Chief Photographer, Canada. During Gary’s 29-year Reuters career, he worked as a photographer in Toronto, Senior Photographer in Washington, Picture Editor-Americas and Global Sports Pictures Editor. Hershorn has photographed 17 Olympic Games, 24 Masters Golf tournaments, 24 Academy Awards, Super Bowls, World Series, Stanley Cups, World Cups, and major news events.
Following his time at Reuters, Gary worked as a photo editor at Flipboard and FOXnew.com.
Currently, he works as a news curator at Facebook and also is a contributing photographer to Getty Images mostly photographing celestial events over New York City. In addition, he has been working on a long-term personal project documenting the ever-changing skyline of New York City. He had a book, New York Celestial, published in 2019.
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