Faculty Alumni Contribute to Conservation

Tom Mangelsen, Jack Dykinga and Patricio Robles Gil were key team members in April of a RAVE project (Rapid Assessment Visual Expedition) documenting one of the last remaining cloud forrests in Mexico, the Biospere Reserve of El Triunfo.

Cocreated by Patricio Robles Gil and the International League of Conservation Photographers (ILCP), the idea is for a team of high-profile photographers to travel to a threatened area for a short period of time.

They photograph the biodiversity as well as the scenic beauty, and return with an in-depth portrait of the conservation issues facing the region. Based on that visual and written material, a campaign develops to help conserve the area through fundraising events and general efforts to promote awareness.

Organized by the International League of Conservation Photographers and founder Cristina Mittermeier, the project was designed to help face threats and take advantage of opportunities for conservation in the area. The Summit Workshops are joining with Mettermeier and the League to promote nature photography with a purpose — conservation worldwide.

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