V1RUZ: Music Video Made With 5,210 Photos Taken in 25-Hour Period

What do you get when you combine a musician named V1RUZ with 100 hours of planning with 5,210 photos taken in a 25-hour period with 230 hours of post-production?

You get a wicked time lapse music video!

Photographer Mario Dinis decided that when he was going to make a new music video for V1RUZ’s song A Carta, he would do it with photography and not the computer-graphic technology of today. That meant plotting a course around Lisbon, Portugal and taking a shot every 17 seconds through a 25-hour period. V1RUZ stands in the center of each shot and then moves a little bit, with the camera, for the next shot just seconds later.

The crew began shooting at about 5am and finished at around 6am the next day. Everything was shot with a Canon 60D and a Sigma 17-50mm f/2.8 lens. The planning for the shoot included making a 3D model of parts of Lisbon to get an idea of what shots they wanted to capture.

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