The Macbook Selfie Stick

Selfie sticks for your phone are so 2015. 

It’s safe to say that the selfie has effectively embedded its way into popular culture. The front-facing camera, duck face pose, and Snapchat app have all aided the societal shift towards taking pictures of one’s self. With smartphones as ubiquitous as they are and the selfie being as popular as it is, people are now searching for new ways to improve their selfie-taking experience.

Enter the Macbook.

That’s right, the iPhone’s Grandpa is now being used to perform the quintessential self-portrait, and it’s doing performing admirably. Three creatives came up with a fun art project that involved designing a selflie stick that can actually hold up a Macbook laptop. Although it looks like some serious arm muscles are required to hold up the laptop, it is not clear what buttons the user must push or what actions they must take to perform the selfie.




As the team walks through New York City and tests and showcases their design, onlookers get their first look at the future of selfie-taking.

macbook_selfie_6 macbook_selfie_2

The Macbook Pro selfie stick is not a product available on the market yet, so the creators will have to see what type of appeal the product attracts.



The stick was made as an art project by Moises (art404), John Yuyi, and Tom Galle.

View the whole project at

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