Photographer Attacked… by Cute, Cuddly Panda Bear

All the photographer wanted to do was snap some photos, but the cutest of baby giant panda bears wouldn’t let that happen. The photographer was attacked by the panda bear, which is to say the baby bear chased him around in circles and tried to hug his leg. Most of the time when you hear that a photographer is running away from wildlife, you assume that it’s pretty serious and that an angry grizzly, moose or some other large animal is doing the chasing. However, that’s clearly not always the case.

But after watching the photographer run away from the harmless panda bear for a whole minute, it makes one wonder what would happen if the photographer just stood still. Is he actually afraid of what’s possibly the cutest, most innocent animal on Earth? Was he hiding treats in his boots to get the panda to chase him? We’ll never know…..

[via YouTube]

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