Tourist is Nearly Decapitated Taking Photo of Landing Plane


What would you risk to get the perfect shot? Would you risk having your head removed from your body? If you answered yes, then you might understand the motives behind the photographer who almost died while snapping photos of a plane landing at the ridiculously dangerous St. Bart’s Airport.

Imagine having an airport where the flying behemoths we call planes, equipped with rotating, human-killing propellers and all, fly overhead at altitudes close enough for you to reach out and touch them. Well you just imagined the Gustaf III airport on the island of St. Bart’s, which is notorious for how incredibly close planes get to the road while landing.

Now combine the danger of the Gustaf III airport with the danger of an idiotic and even quite-possibly suicidal tourist with a camera, and you get the following 360° video that shows just how close the plane came to the tourist.

This incredible footage was captured by local resident and videographer Sébastien Politano, who was testing out a new 360° camera.

According to Politano, the tourist photographer in the video yelled that the plane “hit my hand!” That tourist is surely lucky to still have his hands attached.

[via Caters TV, via Youtube]

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