Drone Smashes Through Window Into Someone’s Head

You know that feeling when a DJI Phantom drone crashes through your window and rams into your head? Well David Perel unfortunately knows that feeling very well..

Someone was attempting to fly their drone in a crowded area, but when the drone was moving too fast and spinning around too quickly, the pilot lost control and the drone went straight into a nearby office window where Perel was working on his computer.

After the drone flew through the window and hit Perel in the face, he decided to take out the drone’s memory card to see what it’s footage looked like before the crash. Perel thought maybe the pilot lost control of the drone and it crashed, however it was clear after viewing the footage that the pilot was highly inexperienced and trying to do too much at high speeds.

Perhaps it’s time to film a remake to Alfred Hitchcock’s Birds, only this time our impending doom doesn’t come from our flappy-winged friends but rather our mechanical, airborne photography drones.

[via David Perel, Youtube]

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