This Vest Lets Your Dog Take Photos and Post Them To Facebook

There are so many pictures of dogs out there, but not many pictures¬†by dogs. Well Pedigree Spain and Saatchi & Saatchi have created a vest for dogs that allows them to take pictures when they’re excited; it’s called the “Posting Tail.”

The vest works by detecting when the¬†dog is wagging it’s tail excitedly and snapping a photo. There is a sensor wrapped around the dog’s tail that will detect whether or not the tail wagging is “normal wagging” or “excited wagging” and snap photos when it determines the dog’s tail is wagging “excitedly.”

There is also a Wi-Fi dongle in the vest that allows any photo taken to be uploaded directly to the dog’s Facebook page, or any Facebook page. Additionally, GPS data is collected to show all the fun places the dog has been. The more photos from any individual place means that dog had a lot of fun there!

The Posting Tail is not yet available to the public, but you can go to and register to win a week-long trial with the vest.

[via Co.Create]

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