2017 Photo Contest Winning Images

Thank You to Everyone Who Participated in
Our 2017 Sports Photography Photo Contests!


You all entered an incredible selection of sports photographs that included photos with great action, stellar portraits, superstar athletes and good lighting, among other things. It goes without saying that our photo contest judges had a very tough time selecting the winning images. Congratulations to the contest winners on winning a free workshop tuition to the 2017 Sports Photography Workshop in Denver, CO.


Amateur Contest Winner

Candi LaCasse

When your partner says lean back, You’d Better Lean Back! Rescue Boat Doubles South Inlet Park, Boca Raton. Lifeguard Competition.

Professional Contest Winner

Mike Calabro

Stalactites of ice hang from Tommy’s beard after surfing near Chicago on a cold winter day. We surf the lakes throughout the year. The best waves come in the winter. On the bright side, we don’t have any sharks.

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