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James Colton

Summit Sports Workshop "Jimmy" has been a well-known photo editor in the sports world and is best known for editing SI's 'Leading Off' series in the magazine. My Story James "Jimmy"
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Father Don Doll

Summit Nature Workshop Don has a strong passion for many communities, like the Native Americans, and sharing their stories and passions. He is a great teacher and will push you to
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David Doubilet

Summit Nature Workshop If you look at David's portfolio, you'll meet interesting underwater creatures, scenics, and maybe even some sharks. He knows what it takes to prepare and get the desired
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Jack Dykinga

Summit Nature Workshop Jack is a newspaper photographer with experience traveling to cover environmental and conservation issues. My Story Jack Dykinga went from a street newspaper photographer in Chicago (where he won a
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Bill Eppridge

Summit Sports Workshop | Summit Nature Workshop The late Eppridge will forever be a photo legend in many categories. He was able to grace the Summit workshops many times sharing his wisdom and
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Rob Finch

Summit Multimedia Workshop Rob is a talented storyteller no matter the desired medium. He has been honored for his photography and multimedia around the world. My Story Rob is a two
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Deanne Fitzmaurice

Photojournalist A Nikon Ambassador, Deanne is a photojournalist and multimedia storyteller with a passion for humanitarian documentary photography, for which she won the Pulitzer Prize in 2005. Formerly, a staff
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Michael Forsberg

My Story Mike is a senior fellow with the International League of Conservation Photographers who has focused his career on North America's Great Plains, its prairie wildlife, and watersheds. His work
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Ken Geiger

Summit Nature Workshop Ken's experience is as long as they come. He brings decades of time in editorial and photojournalism using photographs in a number of ways.  My Story Ken Geiger
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Lucas Gilman - Adventure Photography Workshop

Lucas Gilman

Lucas Gilman is one of the leading adventure photographers and filmmakers in the industry. He currently resides in Pismo Beach, CA. His powerful and incisive images run in top publications
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MaryAnne Golon - Summit Photography Workshops

MaryAnne Golon

My Story Director of photography for the Washington Post, where she leads visuals for one of the nation's most celebrated newspapers, Golon was formerly the director of photography at Time
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Nate Gordon

Summit Sports Workshop Photo editors like Nate bring unique qualities to the Workshops as they are able to find talent and hire assignments. He has a long history with sports, mostly
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Jeff Jacobsen - Sports Photography Workshop

Jeff Jacobsen

My Story Jeff leads the photography projects of the University of Kansas athletic department as one of the most-visual sports programs in the nation. The venerable Allen Fieldhouse at Lawrence
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Chris Johns

Summit Nature Workshop Chris has worked his way up one of the top ladders in the photography business. At National Geographic, he contributes to all visuals and their cohesiveness — photo,
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Tim Kemple - Adventure Photography Workshop

Tim Kemple

My Story I’ve spent most of the last half of my life living out of the back of a car, surfing friend’s couches, at base camps, in dusty camp grounds
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Heinz Kluetmeier

Summit Sports Workshop Heinz is a great example of a life-long editorial that never stops getting the best pictures from a sporting event and always being unique & different. My Story
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Keith Ladzinski

Keith Ladzinski

My Story An attendee of the pilot Adventure Photography Workshop that pushed his career to new heights these past few years. With a range of work that spans from mountain
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John McDonough - Sports Photography Workshop

John McDonough

My Story John W. McDonough is a staff photographer for Sports Illustrated based in southern California. Before working at Sports Illustrated, John freelanced for SPORT Magazine and worked at the
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Joe McNally

Summit Sports Workshop Joe is a well-versed photographer that has diverse experience making him hard to pin down to one specialty. My Story An internationally acclaimed photographer whose career has spanned
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John Moore

Summit Nature Workshop John is an international photographer traveling the world to cover war, politics, and other worldly topics.  My Story 2008's first place winner in both spot news and spot
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kathy moran

Kathy Moran

Summit Nature Workshop Kathy is a powerful illustrations editor for National Geographic. Her talents including juggling multiple jobs while a photographer's images come in as well as editing larger photographic book
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Allen Murabayashi - Summit Photography Workshops

Allen Murabayashi

Allen Murabayashi is the Chairman and Co-founder of PhotoShelter, the worldwide leader in photography portfolio websites, photo sales, marketing and archiving tools for photographers. Allen previously served as a founding
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Vincent Musi

Summit Nature Workshop Vincent has photographed iconic images all over the world for National Geographic. He has also transformed his career to a more educational and inspirational outlook with the LOOK3 Festival. My
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Kurt Mutchler

Summit Nature Workshop Kurt has edited visual content for decades from photos, graphics, and illustrations — all with relevant intermingling within magazines such as National Geographic.  My Story Executive editor, Photography,
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