Summit Nature Workshop

If you look at David’s portfolio, you’ll meet interesting underwater creatures, scenics, and maybe even some sharks. He knows what it takes to prepare and get the desired shot.

My Story

David is considered by many to be the premier underwater photographer of our time and with books, exhibitions and many magazine stories to his credit, his principal place of publication has been in the pages of the National Geographic magazine. He was snorkeling at age eight and taking black and white underwater photographs at age 13. Majoring in film and journalism at Boston University, he was first published in the National Geographic in 1972. His warm water work has taken him to the Caribbean, the Indian Ocean and the South Pacific. His cold water photographs have taken him to the North Pacific, Japan, the Galapagos and Scotland’s Loch Ness. And while his work includes many fine photographs above the water line, his work is primarily the spectacular beauties of life in many forms at the bottom of the worlds’ oceans.

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