Summit Multimedia Workshop

Hans shows us the wide variety and breadth that visual storytelling can be. At the National Geographic, he focuses on short-form video fit for the magazine’s iPad edition.

My Story

Hans has worked for nearly 20 years in film, television and new media as a writer, producer and cinematographer. Currently he’s the Video Director at National Geographic magazine focusing on short-form video for the iPad edition of the magazine. Previously, he was the creator and series producer of the on-assignment photography TV series, “Nat Geo’s Most Amazing Photos” as well as for “Nat Geo’s Top 10 Photos of the Year” for PBS. He supervises video production for the magazine and works closely with its photographers to expand their storytelling skills into digital extensions of the print magazine. Prior to National Geographic, Weise supervised a production team at the Discovery Channel and. as an independent producer, he’s made films for the Jane Goodall Institute, among others.

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