Lightroom Beyond the Folders

Lightroom has grown and expanded to become a multi-faceted creative tool for photographers. But many (if not most) photographers rarely get beyond using Lightroom for photo editing (PhotoShop Lite, if you will) and simply organizing their pictures in the folders already on their hard drives. Lightroom has so much more to offer. This workshop, Lightroom Beyond the Folders, will unlock the vast power of Lightroom to organize your pictures, help you find them and create meaningful (and valuable) collections, tame the chaos of images scattered across myriad folders, and show how Lightroom can become the image hub that helps you build picture value. We’ll also explore how Lightroom can connect directly with web sites and social media platforms. And why combining Lightroom Classic with Lightroom Mobile can be such a powerful combination. No other software on the market today combines so many needed tools as Lightroom. Learn how to put it to work in this workshop: Lightroom Beyond the Folders.

Tame the chaos of images scattered across myriad folders, and show how Lightroom can become the image hub that helps you build picture value.

Session one: February 8, 8pm EST

We will cover:

  • Overview of building a body of photography work, why it’s valuable to collect and connect your pictures — and why Lightroom Classic is a powerful tool for doing it
  • How to use Lightroom Classic as a image hub to build value.
  • Survey the range of tools Lightroom Classic has to manage images
  • Explore how Lightroom Collections work, how they can organize your pictures and why these underused tools are so powerful
  • Learn how Lightroom does keywording and reasons to us it

Session two: February 9, 8pm EST

We will cover:

  • Discussion about how potential clients think about pictures and how to use Lightroom Classic to target their needs
  • Suggest image Collections that can be used to gather pictures together by themes, concepts and emotions
  • Learn about Smart Collections and their possible uses
  • Connect Lightroom Classic with Lightroom CC and how that unlocks the power of Lightroom Mobile. We’ll see why they work together so well
  • Explore the Maps module, another way to find pictures
  • Examine the Book module and it’s layout tools

Register for Lightroom Beyond the Folders: $299

Two 90 minute sessions

Or register for the Jim Richardson bundle and save!

Meet your instructor

Jim Richardson - Summit Photography Workshops

Jim Richardson

Workshop Faculty

Jim has work appearing regularly in National Geographic magazine and National Geographic Traveler in addition to Geographic books. Jim is on assignment for Nat Geo projects almost full time and for good reason. Richardson, a onetime newspaper photographer in Kansas and Colorado, brings amazing story-telling techniques along with detailed research to his pictures. Thirty years ago, he began photographing the area around his hometown in north central Kansas.

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