Transform your Photography Business through TikTok

Learn how to harness the power of TikTok from a photographer who has transformed her own business. 

January 11th at 8PM EST

Workshop Tuition: $99.00

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TikTok has become a new social media force that is completely changing how we market ourselves as photographers and small business owners. TikTok allows viewers to see behind the scenes of brands, create relationships with fellow creators, and it has changed the lives of so many creators. Right now, small business owners are struggling to transition their market themselves through video. This workshop will teach its students how to start, create, and grow on TikTok. 


Transitioning to tiktok

How powerful TikTok has become and why we should all be transitioning as photographers and small businesses

Growing an audience

How to create and grow your photography business through TikTok 

How to create viral TikToks and how to create a community around your specific niche 

Leveraging your audience for leads

Creating on TikTok can completely change your photography business if you do it correctly. You will learn how to go beyond growing an audience to generating leads. No other app can help you grow so quickly; if you know how. 

January 11th at 8pm est

Workshop Tuition: $99.00 USD
Required: a basic knowledge of the app and interface
you will learn

How to find your niche & community

How to tell stories & create viral videos

The basics of creating and editing a TikTok

Ideas for your first few TikTok videos

Learn how to find a community, generate leads, and effectively market your business through Tiktok!

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Meet Your Instructor

Margaret Wroblewski

Margaret Wroblewski is a documentary film wedding photographer who focuses on intimate weddings & elopements. Memory is the foundation of her photography business. 

Her own struggles with memory allow her to gravitate towards the feeling and story of her couples. She is a wedding photojournalist. She sees all of the moments as memories because she has learned by necessity to see the world in such a way. In 10+ years from now,She wants her clients to remember what that day meant, what the air smelled like and what they were feeling every single second. Their images encapsulated into a memory.

Margaret received her Master of Arts degree from George Washington University & Corcoran School of Art and Design with a focus in New Media Photojournalism. She has been published in NPR, Washington Post, BBC, Baltimore Weddings, Junebug, AntiBride, Seattle Bride Magazine, and Ruffled.

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