Your Photo Project: From Planning to Publication & everything in between

January 16, 18 & 23, 2024

Tell a story with your images

As photographers, we all know the power of images; especially in our increasingly visual society. But what really makes certain photo projects stand out? Story and narrative; the ability to take your audience through a story arc will build empathy and elevate your work. Peter Mather, conservation photographer, will walk you through long-form narrative storytelling, creative techniques to visually share your story, and the business of funding & sharing your story. He will also give individual feedback on your project and help you take the next steps on your journey. 

Through case studies of outstanding storytelling and personal experiences, Peter will help you walk away with the tools and understanding of storytelling for long-term projects. 

Workshop Tuition: $299.00

Three online sessions     |     small group settings     |     personalized feedback

Session one

Long Form Narrative Storytelling (Wildlife and Conservation photo stories): In this first session, we will walk through the first steps of a photography project. We will discuss finding and planning a story, fleshing out the logistics of how long it will take, what images you’ll need to share the story, and figuring out how you will tell the story. We will then examine a few case studies of successful photography projects and the details of how and why they were successes.

Session two

Photographic Techniques: Harnessing your Creativity: Our second session will dive into the nitty-gritty of documenting your story. This is where you can really let your creativity fly! Peter will share a variety of photographic techniques that can be valuable in storytelling. We will touch on camera trapping, lighting techniques, aerial techniques, and more! We will also delve into creating and maintaining relationships with your project’s subjects and contacts.

Session three

Developing YOUR Project: The third session is all about you and the group! Each student will have the opportunity to share their project and get feedback from Peter and the class community. We will help you talk through the challenges you are facing at the outset or midst of your project. You will also get feedback on what your next steps could be to continue making headway in your project.

Making a Living: Our final session will dive into the lesser discussed side of photography: supporting yourself with your work. Peter will draw on his experiences as a professional conservation photographer and how he is successful. He will discuss finances, partners, pitching magazines before and during a project, getting stories out into the world, the classic elevator pitch, and photo competitions.

Who should take this course?

This course was specifically designed for those with a long-term project. You can be at any stage of the project: from a nugget of an idea, to midway through photographing it, this course will help you forge your project path. 

To get the most out of this workshop, students should be comfortable using their cameras in manual mode and should have a solid understanding of exposure and basic composition principles.

Meet your instructor

Peter Mather

Peter has been deeply involved in conservation photography in Northern Canada for the past 10 years. Peter specializes in working with First Nations people on conservation projects on their traditional lands, celebrating their unique cultures and tying together stories of people, wildlife and landscapes.

Peter’s photography is a cross between photojournalism and fine art. His goal is to inspire people to explore outdoors and to protect and preserve our wildlife and our wildlands.

“Photography gives me the opportunity to capture a unique moment in time. I love it because a single image can tell a story, inform and inspire. When I click my shutter release I’m aiming to do all three.”

He is an Associate Fellow of the International League of Conservation Photographers, represented by Minden Pictures stock agencies, and an ambassador for Panasonic Cameras.

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