Workshop Exhibits Conservation Work at NMWA

A photographic exhibition of work from the Spring Photography at the Summit week are now on display in the National Museum of Wildlife Art in Jackson Hole as the workshop went green in a big way.

Partnering with the International League of Conservation Photographers, “a group of some 60 of the world’s leading photographers specializing in nature, wildlife and conservation issues “participants in the workshop joined with some 11 ILCP photographers to produce a RAVE (Rapid Assessment Visual Expedition) in an area south of Jackson in the Wyoming Upper Green River Valley. This is an area in which existing oil and gas drilling could be expanded significantly to the detriment of wildlife.

For three days of the Summit, workshop participants joined ILCP members in documenting both the beauty and uniqueness of the area and the impact initial drilling has had in one of Wyoming’s most beautiful valleys.

An opening of the exhibition of 40 pictures was hosted at the museum by Earthjustice, a national organization bringing leading attorneys to the issues involved in impacting some of America’s most unique and beautiful places.

Earthjustice president, Trip Van Noppen, joined The Wilderness Society’s Peter Aengst, museum president Jim McNutt, Summit organizer Rich Clarkson and the ILCP founder and executive director, Cristina Mittermeier in speaking at the opening.

Eight workshop participants joined in the RAVE while others proceeded on projects of their own choosing during the workshop, which operated side-by-side with the RAVE project. And to insure all participants in both projects were well supported, Nikon brought additional D3 digital cameras and long lenses for photographers to use during the week.

A sampling of the work can be viewed online in the Rocky Mountain News and Denver Post online features:

Rocky Mountain News
Denver Post

2010 Photo Copyright Gary Chappel

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