“I learned more from this workshop than I have in my 6 years of photography classes. The staff was incredibly helpful and genuinely wanted to help make me a better photographer. The networking opportunities were endless for me, and I left the workshop with a portfolio I would feel confident giving to an employer.”

Paige | Lawrence, KS

“Single best educational experience of my life. My head was reeling with the possibilities which are now in front of me. Brought photography to me in such a way that I can really begin to use it in my life.”

Don | Minneapolis, MN

“The most beneficial was the interaction with the instructors. I’m very critical of my experiences in life and I have to say you are doing a fabulous job the casual atmosphere was amazing.”

Scott | British Columbia

“This is the perfect workshop for beginners as well as more advanced photographers. Everyone learns! No one is left behind and everyone will go home with valuable information and feedback. In most of the other workshops I’ve attended, either beginners are left behind or the more advanced students get bored.”

Laura | Tuthill, SD

“The camaraderie of the students was an invaluable tool for learning. Everyone was so anxious to share their knowledge and tricks of the trade. Overall, the workshop was an incredible experience.”

Suzette | Dallas, TX

“I thought the workshop was excellent. The instructors were highly competent, articulate, open, friendly and helpful. The evening presentations were wonderful: the photographers have us a peak into their personal lives, their approach to photography – and their very images. These sessions were touching and fascinating.”

Keith | San Francisco, CA

“The education, friendships and experiences I gained as a student at the Summit Adventure Workshop are invaluable to me. The diverse group of brilliant instructors combined with image critiques, photo shoots and lessons in the field and classroom, as well as a beautiful setting provided me with the opportunity to challenge myself while learning how to push my photography forward. I would recommend this workshop to anyone looking to be inspired, to hone their skills and to meet some of the most talented people in the profession while having a great time doing so.”

Amanda | Somerville, MA

“To get that level of honest, constructive criticism from photographers and editors of the caliber represented was unbelievably helpful. I especially appreciated that the instructors didn’t bother to stroke our egos with un-earned praise. They told it like they saw it and hearing what they did not like in the images or what didn’t work was worth an awful lot to me. I think my editing will be much more careful, and my photography should improve as well as I consider the comments made as I compose and make new photographs. Just do it! You are unlikely to ever have such an opportunity to learn so much from multiple photographers/editors of this caliber, and the networking possibilities are not to be missed.”

Steve | Seattle, WA

“From the outset I was expecting a challenging and extremely professional workshop, but I was completely knocked off my feet with the whole experience upon completion. The professionalism, ability and patience shown by all your staff, industry attendees and faculty members were phenomenal. The patience and truly genuine nature of the faculty is a mix that is really unique. I can now understand the large numbers of participants that return 2 or 3 times over the years.Not only was this a great learning experience, but it was inspirational to myself and many others that I spoke too. Photography apart, this was a really great bunch of people and it was a pleasure to be part of the whole experience.”

Kenneth | South Africa

“Thank you for the opportunity to learn from the best in the business. All aspects of the workshop were efficiently organized and all the instructors were engaged and generous with their time and knowledge.”

Jean | Piedmont, CA

“When I came into the workshop, I didn’t know what to expect. Once we started, though, I knew I made the right decision. In between the high-caliber instructors, variety of awesome shooting scenarios, and the time and energy given by the staff to the students, you’ll get an experience here at the Summit Workshop that will be unmatched. If you’re already a working pro, just getting started, or somewhere in between, I would strongly recommend the workshop. It’s value far exceeds its cost!”

Tom | Los Angeles, CA

“My second time taking this (sports) workshop. I highly recommend taking (the sports) workshop more than once; I have learned a tremendous amount. Thank you for the outstanding workshop.”

Wendy | Colorado Springs, CO

“The career advice and critiques I received by the instructors shaped who I am as a photographer and my success is in large part due to their advice and wisdom. It is a pleasure to look back on my time at the workshop and see how it propelled my career to new places.”

Jamey | Mineral Springs, NC

“I got what I paid for in this workshop – I got to spend 5 days working with and watching the best in the business … the bonus was that they knew how to teach. I have now shared in the experience of what it’s like to be that good. My vision has been articulated in ways I didn’t imagine and I am fully aware of the commitment and just plain hard work that is required. Chance favors the prepared photographer.”

Dave | San Jose, CA

“Yes! Very good workshop for the amateur photographer thinking about doing professional work and/or honing their skills by working with professionals. Also, Jackson Hole, WY is a great place to take photographs!”

Martin | Saint Paul, MN

“If you are thinking about becoming a sports photographer this is the workshop! The quality of instructors, the sponsorship support and networking puts you out front of the pack to get that winning image. Simply a must!”

Ed | San Francisco, CA

“The critique sessions as well as the instructor presentations were the most beneficial. They gave me a great idea of how each instructor got into the business and helped me understand what it takes to succeed.”

Scott | Chicago, IL

“Hands down the best opportunity to be in the presence of the best sports photographers in the world! The networking is great and really the only way to get true critique from some of the best shooters in the business!”

Jeff | Portland, OR

“The opportunities for learning and growth were amazing. On the technical level, I was able to experiment with equipment that I would have not otherwise had. But of course, the greatest opportunities came from the case of players. The integrity, candidness and enthusiasm of all truly astounded me. Where some artists might be less willing to share, these teachers expounded on both the technical and personal levels. Their desire to teach, to team and to share was a true inspiration.”

Christine | Avon, CO

“The creative instruction is what sets the Summit apart from others. The best photographers, showing their best work and in a forum that promotes effective learning. The technical information was superior.”

Gary | Mesa, AZ

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