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Discover The Summit Workshops Difference

The Summit Series of Photography Workshops started over 30 years ago when acclaimed sports photographer Rich Clarkson realized the growing need of education and networking in the photography industry. Like no other photography workshop in the world, the Summit brings together an expert team of photography instructors, a beautiful and awe-inspiring location, support from Sony Pro Support, our other partners and of course, you, the attendants. Attend a workshop where you shoot at beautiful locations, have your images critiqued and portfolio reviewed, and have a chance to network with the elite talents you hope to be among. Discover a community of instructors and peers that are uniquely positioned to help further your photography in your hobby or career.

Work With A Team Of Instructors

While most photography workshop programs pair a group of students up with a single instructor (or sometimes two), the Summit Series uses our team teaching approach so you get the best results. This means that attendants get a wide range of information from instructors who specialize in different areas of the industry. You may review your equipment needs with a technology and workflow specialist, then go on-location and photograph with an elite photographer, and then come back and review your portfolio with an editor from a national publication. That’s the power of team-teaching.

Explore The Most Beautiful Places

The Summit Workshops are able to host a collection of students and instructors in locations that enhance the quality of the learning and the quality of the photography. From the glorious peaks of the Grand Tetons to the wild Alaskan frontier, the Summit combines the best photography education available with an absolutely breathtaking-setting. You just might never want to leave.

Learn From An Expert, Become An Expert

While our instructors are some of the greatest talents in the world, they are also heavily rooted within the photography industry and have countless fruitful connections. Our photographers and editors from National Geographic, Sports Illustrated, The Associated Press, The Washington Post, Red Bull, The North Face, and more have the ability to jumpstart your career beyond the workshop curriculum. Many attendants to our workshops have gone on to become extremely successful, much like Nat Geo photographer Keith Ladzinski, who’s career has skyrocketed since attending the Summit.

We Want You To Be The Best

We will do everything in our power to get you to a Summit Workshop and provide you with the greatest photography education possible. We offer scholarships for free tuition for 1st place and runner-up in the College Photographer of the Year Competition, and we offer a 10% discount to all Summit alums, educators, students, and members of various photography organizations. Whether it’s on-locations shoots, image critiques, portfolio reviews, or classroom instruction, we will provide ample opportunities for you to improve your photography knowledge. Additionally, presentations from our instructors provide attendants with the inspiration they need to continue striving towards excellence.

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