New SI picture book

The latest in the series of Sports Illustrated coffee table books, just published, is “The Sports Illustrated College Basketball Book” which features many of the instructors at the Sports Photography Workshop.

Probably the largest number of pictures came from the files of Rich Clarkson dating back into the 1950s when he was a college student and includes many images from the 56 Final Fours he has photographed for the magazine.

Other faculty members who have many pictures in the book include Neil Leifer, Bob Rosato, John McDonough, Al Tielemans, Damian Strohmeyer, John Biever, Richard Mackson, Bill Frakes, Jamie Squire and Peter Read Miller.

The Lucie awards will be presented October 24th at New York’s Lincoln Center and of the five honorees, Rich Clarkson will be saluted for his lifetime contributions to sports photography.


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