The Photo Society review

The images that have cycled through the pages of National Geographic throughout the years are some of the best in the world. You could even say they have a “small, selective society” from the NG pages (I’m sure there is a secret handshake too…).

Just recently, the Photographer’s Advisory Board for National Geographic put together a site for the collective photos.

The rule is the photographer represented must have completed one feature story published in the magazine. Joel Sartore. William Albert Allard. Jodi Cobb. Randy Olson. Jim Richardson. and more and more.

And from the photographers’ mouths, they’re telling you the road hasn’t been easy or glamourous. Just check out the ‘reality check’ page to see the hazards of photographers over the years.

Take a look for yourself!


Photo Credit Michael Yamashita. 2011 Copyright Reserved

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