Lucie Award

Outstanding achievement. Two of many words which could be used to describe Rich Clarkson’s illustrious career in photography.

This Monday Clarkson was awarded the Outstanding Achievement award for sports photography from the Lucie Foundation.

The Lucie Awards, for those who may not know, were founded to honor the greatest achievements in photography from around the world. The award itself is a who’s who of photography, drawing the most well-known figures in the photography community. Rich Clarkson is joined by an elite group which include names such as Bill Eppridge, Dawoud Bey, Eli Reed, Nancy McGirr and Nobuyoshi Araki.

“While it was a honor to receive one of the Lucies, it was especially fun to see two longtime friends as the other winners.

Eli Reed and Bill Eppridge were honored and richly deserve the recognition. And for me, it was fun to see so many friends of New York and elsewhere (Joey Terrill flew in from Los Angeles, Jodi Cobb from Washington among others) for the evening.”


2011 Photo Credit Joey Terrill. All Rights Reserved


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