Former workshop attendee & faculty member signed on to NYM

On Tuesday, New York Magazine announced that it had signed longtime contributor and well-known photojournalist Christopher Anderson as the weekly magazine’s first-ever “photographer-in-residence” according to

Anderson attended the Summit Workshop back in the mid-1990’s and from there made connections to launch his photography career. He also returned as a faculty member in the mid-2000s.

In a statement released to the British Journal of Photography, New York said the 41-year-old Brooklyn-based shooter would tackle a “broad array of subjects in a full range of styles, from photojournalism to portraiture to conceptual work.” Anderson will now work exclusively for New York, at least where print magazines are concerned. The odd thing, here, is that the era of the staff photographer was supposed to have ended when National Geographic gradually moved away from the practice. A Photo Editor interviewed him, take a look here.



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