Join Adventure Photography Workshop co-founder Corey Rich for his free online Still + Motion seminar with CreativeLIVE!

We’re excited to partner with Corey Rich, co-founder of our Adventure Photography Workshop, and newly-minted Nikon Ambassador, on his new creativeLIVE course Still and Motion: Storytelling on Location, broadcast free online August 26-28th! During the course, he’s going to be giving away a free tuition to any of our Summit Series of Photography Workshop programs. You don’t want to miss this!

As you know, DSLR cameras that capture HD video are all the rage, but they’re also a mixed blessing. It’s never been easier for enthusiasts and professionals to shoot video, but little do they know what a world of hurt they’re entering when they push that “Record” button. Capturing both still and motion in a single dynamic shoot involves thinking about a lot of logistics. The whole thing is rife with opportunities to become overwhelmed, mess up and blow the whole shoot.

Corey Rich is one of the world’s most recognized adventure sports and outdoor lifestyle visual storytellers. He’s had the opportunity to document some of the world’s greatest athletes in extreme locations spanning the globe, from alpine climbing in Pakistan’s Karakoram Mountains, to ultra-marathon racing in the Sahara Desert of Morocco, freight-train hopping in the American West, underwater cave exploration in the Yucatan and snowboarding in Papua New Guinea. Over the past 20 years of adventures, Corey has seen the landscape of expedition/adventure visual storytelling change. Now, clients aren’t just demanding great still imagery; they want amazing still imagery AND stunning motion content. His transition from photographer, to photographer AND filmmaker has been a long journey, not without its gaffs and learning experiences.

Today, Corey has learned from the best, and has more than a few successful still and motion production shoots under his belt. Lucky for us, Corey is going to reveal the secrets to his success by taking us on location and showing us how he produces a still and motion shoot.

So be sure to join Corey August 26-28 for his new creativeLIVE course titled Still and Motion: Storytelling on Location. It will be a FREE online 3-day class useful for artists of all levels, from those looking to get started in the world of still and motion to professionals looking to add a few new tricks to their trade.

Over three days, Corey will produce a real still and motion shoot, from start to finish. He’ll walk us through every step of the process, beginning with conceptualizing the idea, scouting locations, casting the right talent, building equipment lists, scheduling the shoot day, storyboarding and writing voice over.

Then, Corey will take us out into the field to show us the equipment he uses, how he uses it, how he communicates with models, and how the crew works together as a team.

Finally, Corey will head back inside to show us the post-production process. He’ll apply Lightroom and Photoshop techniques to create great final still images, and build a Premiere project complete with layered music, audio and video.

The beauty of creativeLIVE is that you can see the workshop online for free while it occurs. So tune in and watch the course LIVE on creativeLIVE this August 26-28.

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