2015 Workshops Kick Off with Summit Lighting

Dave Black on location with a soccer player to show students how to use high-speed sync.

In only it’s second year, the Summit Lighting Photography Workshop has become a mainstay among the Summit Series of Workshops. Both new facilities and additional faculty made the 2015 Lighting Workshop one to remember.

Held in a bigger and better-suited location at Massif Studios, in Denver, Colorado from May 22-24, the Lighting Workshop delivered both a great classroom and studio setting as well as nearby parks and fields for location shoots.

The instructor roundtable. From left to right: Rich Clarkson, Dave Black, Joey Terrill, Matt Hernandez, and Michael Gray from Profoto.

Dave Black and Joey Terrill, Lighting Workshop faculty members and two of our most popular and esteemed faculty were joined by a third member at this year’s workshop; Matt Hernandez. Matt is a former student of the Summit Workshops and owns Matt Hernandez Creative, where he specializes in Senior portraits and athletic portraiture.

Matt and his group photograph Crossfit athletes at Omnia Crossfit Gym.

The three instructors broke the students into smaller groups and took them to shoot different things each day of the workshop. Joey and his group explored culinary and wedding photography in the studio, Matt took his group to Omnia Crossfit Gym to photograph athletes, and Dave took his group on-location to photograph soccer and baseball players.

On Day One, Dave and his students explored studio lighting with a ballet dancer.

Using their own cameras in conjunction with equipment provided by Profoto and Nikon, students were able to truly explore the depths of lighting and it’s impact on photographs. Students worked with studio lighting and high-speed sync to cover a wide array of lighting uses like commercial and sports photography.

Working with Profoto lights, students got a chance to light their photographs with the best lights in the business.


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