2015 Sports Workshop Attendant Sharon Chapman Lands Spread on CNN

Photo by Sharon Chapman


Photo by Sharon Chapman


The Summit Workshops can set up photographers with the tools they need to thrive and be successful, like in one case with a student from the 2015 Sports Workshop.

Sharon Chapman, an Australian attendee of the Sports Workshop, was perhaps the most enthusiastic and eager student at the entire event.

That same enthusiasm that drove her desire to learn and soak up knowledge at the workshop also drove her desire to continue improving her photography after the workshop.

After returning home, Sharon traveled to Birdsville, Australia to capture one of the most unique sporting events in the world, a horse race in the desert.

Not only did she capture incredible photos, she captured photos that were featured on CNN.

Link to Sharon’s spread on CNN: https://edition.cnn.com/2015/09/07/sport/gallery/birdsville-races-2015

In Sharon’s words, “I could never have gotten the images I did there without doing the workshop and the inspiration I got from everyone involved.”

We’re so excited for Sharon and all of the new possibilities in front of her, and we’re proud to say that she is a Summit Alumni.

Congratulations, Sharon!


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