Ubersnap Prints GIFs as Harry Potter-style Moving Pictures

Remember the moving pictures in the newspapers from the Harry Potter movies? Well it appears that the magically technology to accomplish this is being taken from the Wizarding World and brought to our humble, Muggle society.

Ubersnap has launched a new GIF printing service that turns animated images into moving Harry Potter-style physical prints. You start by downloading the iOS app and using it to capture an animated GIF. You can then apply filters to your photos, share it through the Ubersnap photo sharing service, and order the shots as animated prints.



Each print is handmade and uses lenticular printing, which shows you different images at different angles.



Here’s what a finished Ubersnap print looks like:

Prints cost $10 each and are delivered right to your door, but the company is currently running a promotion that gives you $5 off your first print if you use the promo code “magic.”

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