Stop-Motion Animation with 3D Printed Babies (VIDEO)

“Run Baby Run” is a new video by Eran Amir that shows a 3D-printed baby running through different locations, and it was entirely captured in camera with no green screen or manipulation. The video is part creative and genius, and part terrifying and creepy.

After digital designing the form of the baby, Amir printed out a series of sculptures of the baby in different points of its running motion. By attaching a small pole to the back of the baby sculptures, he can keep the sculptures in the same position in front of his camera. All he has to do is snap a shot of one sculpture, remove it from the pole, place the next sculpture on the pole, take a step back, and snap another shot…then REPEAT A LOT OF TIMES.

Unsurprisingly, the difficult project took Amir 3 months to plan and shoot, showing just how hard it is to create stop-motion animation without the help of green screen and computer editing.

You can also view the behind-the-scenes video by Amir, showing the making of Run Baby Run.


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