Snickers Ad Pokes Fun at Bad Photoshopping

“You just aren’t yourself when you’re hungry.”

Photoshop fails happen all the time in the creative and advertising industries, and sometimes they can turn into quite a big story. About a year ago it was revealed that Justin Bieber’s Calvin Klein ad received its fair share of photo retouching, particular to enlarge and accentuate his muscles. That’s why Snickers choose to highlight the effects of hunger on the Photo Retoucher or “Photoshopper” in their new ad.


“Photo retouchers get confused when they’re hungry,” said the Snickers ad which was on the back cover of the new Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue. How many retouching errors can you find in the image? According to Adweek there are eleven mistakes, we found ten of them!

The retouching errors we found were:

  • The two different horizons in the background
  • The removed bag she was holding
  • The relocation of the belly button
  • The left side of her hair being cloned
  • Her right thigh is missing
  • The double-catch light in her right eye
  • The cloned earring on her right ear
  • Part of the necklace has been removed
  • Part of the strap of her bikini has been removed
  • And perhaps the most obvious one, the bodiless-hand on her shoulder

We aren’t sure about the final retouching error,

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