‘4D’ Portrait Captured by 53 GoPro Cameras

Photos/Video by TimeSlice Films.

Shooting a portrait on a still-camera will produce a two-dimensional image. Whether you are the Peter Hurley of portraits or a rookie, your picture will come out as a “flat,” two-dimensional image. That is in contrast to what happens when you stitch several two-dimensional images together to create a three-dimensional portrait. In this type of 3D portrait, you can rotate around the subject and see them from all angles, front to back. But what if you want to take it a step further? What if you want to be able to capture a three-dimensional subject, but in a medium that has more movement and life than single-images.

Well that’s exactly what Tim Macmillan, the founder of TimeSlice Films, set out to do. By using 53 GoPros set up together in a giant rig, he was able to capture a 4D portrait of himself; a combination of videos sketched together that actually creates a “moving portrait.”

Try moving around the 4D portrait and see it from every angle. It’s part genius and part creepy.




























TimeSlice Films is working on creating these rigs so that they can be used to make 4D portraits for a variety of uses.

[via PetaPixel]


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