Summit Alum Wins 2015 Newspaper Photographer of the Year

Carolyn Van Houten, © Ray Whitehouse
Carolyn Van Houten, Photo by Ray Whitehouse


In November 2015, we wrote about how one of our workshop alums won the College Photographer of the Year award. And to think we were proud of her then! It was announced today that Carolyn Van Houten, University of North Carolina graduate and Summit Nature Workshop alum, has won the 2015 Newspaper Photographer of the Year award. She’s now won College Photographer of the Year and Newspaper Photographer of the Year… IN THE SAME YEAR! According to her journalism professor Chad Stevens, Van Houten is perhaps the only person to ever win both awards in the same year, making her accomplishments a truly unprecedented feat.

“I don’t know of any other person who’s won College Photographer of the Year and then in the same year won the professional Photographer of the Year. It’s like two totally different leagues,” Stevens said.

One of the projects in Van Houten’s award-winning portfolio is called “Rebuilding After the Floods,” in which she follows the Bamberger family from Blanco, Texas during and after a terrible flood.  It’s pretty impressive for someone who initially entered school as a physics major.

Van Houten decided to pursue a path in journalism after taking Professor Stevens’ photojournalism class. That path she chose would result in winning three first-place Hearst Journalism Awards, being placed on Magnum’s 30 Under 30 List and working four internships in one year.

The Summit Workshops wants to send a giant congratulations to Carolyn!! She is equal parts talent and passion, and she absolutely deserves any award and recognition that comes her way.

Great Job Carolyn!!!


[via Megan Cross,]

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