Eagles attacking drones

Eagles Being Trained to Take Down Drones

If you want to take a drone down, forget about using a gun or laser or net (or bigger drone), because the animal kingdom has just the tool to take down unwanted drones. Drone, meet the drone hunting eagle.

Dutch National Police announced that it’s the first police force to empty eagles to help combat rogue drones. In addition to learning how to take down the drone right out of the air, the eagles have also learned to fly the neutralized drone to an area far enough away from people before landing.

One problem is ensuring that the eagles do drop the drones in areas that aren’t right above people’s heads. Additionally, the┬áspinning blades of the drones pose obvious problems for the vulnerable eagles, so protective measures for the eagles are being devised.

Check out the drone-hunting eagles on Youtube.

[via PetaPixel]

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