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When a Photoshopped Photo Wins a Nikon Photo Contest…

In case you missed in: this composite photo by Chay Yu Wei won a contest by Nikon Singapore.

Unless you live under a rock, you’ve probably heard about the story sweeping through the photography community. Nikon Singapore recently selected a blatantly photoshopped photo as the winning entry in their photo contest, and the internet wasn’t very happy about.

Shortly after announcing Yu Wei as the winner, the internet began ravaging the photo contest and pointing every single reason why Nikon should have never selected the photo that they did. One individual, Shaun Ho, simply adjusted the levels of the photograph and low and behold the photoshopped plane because very evident. In fact, upon closer observation, the original photo does have a very faint box around the plane, indicating that it had been composited into the photo.












After being called out, both Nikon and the winning photographer Yu Wei submitted apologies. Nikon apologized for blatantly missing the fact that the image was Photoshop, and Wei apologized for both submitting a Photoshopped photo but also for sticking up for it and lying about it’s legitimacy.

[via PetaPixel]

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