Thieves Steal Wedding Photos, Photographer Begs For Them Back

BOSTON – A wedding photographer whose equipment was stolen out of her car following a Saturday night wedding has lost all of the photos of her client’s most important, special day. Francielle Santo, who runs a photography business, is now offering a $1,000 reward for the safe return of her memory cards containing her clients’ wedding photos – the only copies of those photos.

Santo was done shooting the ceremony and the reception and had just dropped off her assistant photographer. She parked on Hereford St. to pick up her friends, and she left her car, locked, for only a few minutes. When she returned she saw shattered glass; the thief(s) had smashed her back passenger window and grabbed her camera and other photography equipment.

“It’s like my worst nightmare right now to not have her photos,” Santo said. “Just please return that. Just the flash cards, that’s all I want.”

Santo said that she has yet to inform the newlyweds because they are already on their honeymoon.

“I’m broken-hearted right now for the photos and I’m the one suffering right now,” Santo said. “When they get back, I will definitely get in touch with them, but not right now, because they’re enjoying their honeymoon.”

Santo has contacted pawn shops to look out for her equipment, including a Canon EOS 5D Mark III camera, a Kingston compact flash 16GB memory card and Sandisk SDHC 32GB memory card.

[via Fox25 News]

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  1. I always take the cards out of the camera before loading in the car especially if I’m going to leave the car with the camera equipment in the car while I’m away.

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