‘Chromaticity’ Video Combines Drones and Smoke Bombs

Videographer Paul Trillo, the same person behind “The Irrational Fear of Nothing” video, recently released a fun video called Chromaticity, which features drones flying over the water while attached with smoke bombs.

Smoke bombs are certainly nothing new to videography and photography – all you have to do is scroll a bit on your Instagram or Tumblr feed to see a photo of a model walking with a smoke bomb. Either a lot of people are flagging down planes and hot air balloons, or photographers have discovered a new fun and visual way to create vibrance in their photos.

What’s interesting and unique about Chromaticity is that drones are holding the smoke bombs and the human-element has essentially been removed, giving the video a more natural feel and giving the smoke bombs almost life-like qualities.

To accompany the Chromaticity video, Aerobo released a BTS video of how it was made to provide an appreciation for how difficult it can be to record drones with another drone.

[via Vimeo]

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