Replace Ads with Cats

Kickstarter Campaign to Replace Ads with Pictures of Cats

Replace Ads with Cats

The Citizens Advertising Takeover Service, or C.A.T.S., just launched an absolutely hilarious and ridiculous Kickstarter campaign that aims to replace every single ad in a London subway station with a picture of cats. No, really. With a goal of $33,076 and 213 backers so far, this campaign is as real as it gets.

As the Kickstarter campaign puts it, “With your help, we’re going to replace every single advert on a London tube station with pictures of cats.”

Here are some more details behind the C.A.T.S. Kickstarter campaign:

Why do it?

“It would look amazing,” says the campaign. “It’s exhausting being asked to buy stuff all the time.”


The brains behind the campaign have apparently asked the powers that be whether or not they are even allowed to buy up all of the ads in a single station and replace them with cat pictures, the answer was YES!


The brains behind the campaign are a group of friends and cat lovers from London, England. They say that they aim to think a little differently, and that perhaps C.A.T.S. is the start of something special.

The C.A.T.S. website can be found here.

What’s really fun for cat lovers around the world is if you donate enough to the Kickstarter campaign, a picture of your own cat will actually don the wall of the London subway station!

To learn more, head over to the campaign page by going here.


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