Photographer’s Gear Chewed Up by Leaf Cutter Ants

When you’re setting up a camera trap in the Amazon Rainforest there a lot of factors to consider: Where to set it up? Is the gear rainproofed? Is it safe from big animals like Jaguars? All good questions, but as Phil Torres of The Jungle Diaries found out, don’t forget to watch out for our small, insect friends, the Leaf Cutter Ant.

Leaf Cutter Ants Chew On Photographers Gear

The pesky ants ate through both of Torres’ plastic bags protecting his camera and infrared sensor, causing damage to both of the devices. They also ate through the wiring connecting Torres’ gear, as well as impressively stripping the plastic from his Gorilla Pod Tripod, the same tripod Torres claimed could withstand gorillas – but apparently not leaf cutter ants!


[via The Jungle Diaries]

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