Six Photographers Reveal Yellowstone Like You’ve Never seen

What is a National Park? National Geographic asked six photographers to capture Yellowstone in a way that it hadn’t been before, which is quite an amazing challenge considering just how many photographers travel to the Yellowstone area to capture stunning images.

In this video, the photographers describe the challenges they faced when trying to capture unique photos that encapsulated all of Yellowstone’s beauty and popularity.

I liked the fact that many of the images taken by the photographers were of the crowds of tourists and nature enthusiasts, cell phone cameras in hand, enjoying the popular Yellowstone and Grand Teton areas like Old Faithful and Oxbow Bend, respectively. I also really liked the different approaches the photographers took, because some of the photographs in the video were clearly taken by camera traps out in the wild, giving a totally different perspective of Yellowstone.


Another incredible project by National Geographic is the wild wolves of Yellowstone, which is similar to the above video but focused on the existence of wild wolves in the Yellowstone area.

Photography projects like theseĀ are really encouraging because lately photographers have been under attack for damaging and potentially destroying parts of Yellowstone National Park, like when a group of photographers walked out onto a grand prismatic spring, sparking outrage online.

[via National Geographic, National Geographic]

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