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An Unforgettable Journey: 2017 Adventure Photography Workshop Recap

The 2017 Summit Sports Photography Workshop was held in Denver, CO on July 12-17, 2017 and included an incredible faculty of instructors and an eager group of students.

An Unforgettable Journey: The 2017 Adventure Photography Workshop in Pictures

   September 16 -21, 2017 | Jackson Hole, WY      

Adventure photography has a unique culture that makes it one of the most fun and exhilarating genres of photography out there. It combines the danger of outdoor action sports, the excitement of a sporting event and the beauty of the natural world into something truly special. Whether it’s photographing climbers climbing up a steep peak, kayakers floating down a treacherous river, or a model wearing outdoor apparel, adventure photography truly does have something for everyone.

For a week in beautiful Jackson Hole, WY, workshop attendees met with an astounding group of instructors and models at the 2017 Summit Adventure Photography Workshop to photograph a wide selection of action sports and outdoor lifestyle photography, learn how to integrate lighting into their photography, meet the best adventure photographers and editors in the industry, and develop new lifelong connections and friendships. With the help of our sponsors Nikon and Profoto, attendees were able to rent out the latest and greatest Nikon camera bodies and lenses to use during the workshop and they were able to use the best Profoto lighting equipment available anywhere to light up their shoots.

 2017 Adventure Photography Workshop attendees came from all over the world to better their adventure photography techniques, make new connections and reach a new Summit in their photography. Those attendees got to photograph an incredible selection of adventure sports including mountain biking, trail running, rock climbing, kayaking and paddle boarding, as well as numerous portrait and lifestyle opportunities.

Attendees were taught by some of the most talented photographers in the industry who are absolute adventure photography experts, including Nikon Ambassadors Corey Rich, Dave Black, and Lucas Gilman, and expert photographers and editors Ryan Taylor, Bo Bridges, Scott Willson, Brad Smith, Jen Edney and Bob Smith.

2017 Adventure Workshop Faculty

Corey Rich - Adventure Photography Workshop

Corey Rich

Nikon Ambassador

Nikon Ambassador Corey Rich is one of the world’s most recognized adventure and outdoor lifestyle visual storytellers. He has captured stunning still photos and video on a wide array of assignments, including rock climbing in India, ultra-marathon racing in the Sahara Desert of Morocco, freight train hopping in the American West, and snowboarding in Papua New Guinea.

Dave Black - Summit Lighting Workshop

Dave Black

Nikon Ambassador

A Nikon Ambassador and one of the pioneers in the conversion to all-digital photography, Dave Black is best known for his sports photography including covering Olympic games for more than 20 years for Newsweek. Constantly reinventing himself, he’s currently pushing new frontiers in combining lightpainting and western imagery, photography well suited for a gallery wall.

Lucas Gilman - Adventure Photography Workshop

Lucas Gilman

Nikon Ambassador

A Nikon Ambassador, Lucas spent his early years in newspaper journalism before his love of the outdoors transitioned his work to build a career in adventure photography. Traveling the world in search of untouched places and wild experiences, Lucas captures images ranging from kayaking in India, Brazil, Uganda and Costa Rica to backcountry skiing in Colorado, Jackson Hole, Wyoming, Alaska, and South America.


Brad Smith


Brad Smith is an award winning photo editor, with 35 years experience in visual storytelling. He’s the former DOP at Time Inc., Sports Group, which included Sports Illustrated and Golf Magazine. He was also with the New York Times as the Senior Sports Photo Editor and Assistant Director of Photography for the White House during the Clinton administration. He's the founder and director of Brad Smith Creative, a visual consulting group. Currently, he's the Vice President for Photography, for the WWE.

Ryan Taylor - Adventure Photography Workshop

Ryan Taylor

Red Bull

Ryan is an action sports photographer and commercial cinematographer based out of Minneapolis, Minnesota. Focusing on wakeboarding and snowboarding, Ryan strive's to create something new and unique every time he shoots -- this often means implementing new lighting techniques as well as working with athletes to think of new creative ways to showcase their sports.

Scott Willson - Adventure Photography Workshop

Scott Willson

Sandbox Motion

Scott Willson has an extensive career as an editor in the adventure photography industry. Scott has worked with countless photographers on a multitude of different shoots and he has worked as an editor at Patagonia and The North Face. Scott is now the Managing Director at Sandbox Motion.

Dongfeng Race Training in Lorient, France on Monday July 17, 2017

Jen Edney

Volvo Ocean Race

A self-proclaimed “water baby,” Jen Edney was named to a list of the “Nine Top Female Adventure Photographers” by National Geographic. With over 40,000 nautical miles sailed en route to visiting over 30 countries, there is no doubt as to her adventurous spirit. Edney has been selected to the OBR squad for the Volvo Ocean Race 2017/18 and is the only female on the squad.

Bo Bridges

Bo Bridges

Bo Bridges' Gallery

Bo Bridges is a world-renowned advertising and fine art photographer. His passion for adventure drives the dynamic imagery he produces. His portfolio covers a spectrum of subjects ranging from professional athletes and celebrity portraits, to film and television campaigns, as well as beautiful scenes from around the world that are sold in his galleries located in Manhattan Beach, California and Vail, Colorado.

Bob Smith - Summit Photography Workshops

Bob Smith

Elk Meadow Images

Bob Smith creates fine wildlife portraits, environmental, and landscape images. He travels extensively throughout the year, conducting both wildlife field photo workshops and classroom sessions on digital workflow. His work covers locations in Antarctica, Africa, Alaska, Canada and the western United States. His images have appeared in publications including those from National Geographic, Nikon, Nature Photographer and Conservation Society. Smith was formerly the Director of Mangelsen Stock Images and has published two books, “Alaska to the Arctic” and “Antarctica – Land of Ice”.

Ron Taniwaki - Summit Photography Workshops

Ron Taniwaki

Nikon Professional Services

With over 30 years in professional photography, Ron Taniwaki currently serves as a Nikon Professional Markets Technical Representative, providing training to News, Magazine, Sports, Adventure, and Wildlife photographers on how to utilize the features of their equipment. Ron teaches forensic photography and photographs aerospace photography, like shuttle and rocket launches.

2017 Adventure Workshop Recap Video

Student Photos

Classroom Events & Behind-the-Scenes

Classes, Presentations and Portfolio Reviews

A great deal of photography is not spent out in the field photographing subjects but rather at home or on the computer maintaining equipment, editing photos, and building connections in the industry. In addition to being able to shoot out in the field alongside elite photographers, attendees to the Adventure Photography Workshop also got the chance to learn some of the non-shooting aspects of photography, like post-processing and camera maintenance. With instructional classes, portfolio reviews, roundtable discussions and evening presentations, attendees are given a wide array of options to learn about the business of photography as well as what makes a desirable photograph.


The summit workshop experience was exactly what I needed to kick start my adventure photography!

-Nicole Wasko, Portland, OR

As a photo hobbyist versus professional photographer, I managed to get a whole lot out of this workshop. I found the business aspect interesting/compelling, but the real draws were the sharing of stories from the instructors and the image critiques that really forced us to take a closer look at what makes a compelling photo. To be surrounded by the best of the best in such a supportive environment forces everyone from amateurs to professionals to step up their game.

-Hilary Heincer, Springfield, VA

The Adventure workshop was great! The instructors were top notch and the location was beautiful.

-Thomas Olezeski, Las Vegas, NV

Excellent workshop experience where you can not only learn more about the art and business of photography, but build lasting relationships.

-Matt Frazer, Longmeadow, MA

The Summit Adventure Workshop is a fast paced, hands on, photography workshop that allows you to work with the best Adventure Photographers in the business. The instructors and staff create a learning environment that allows you to elevate your photography to new heights. If you want to learn how to become a better photographer than there is no better workshop out there.

-Jennifer Leigh Warner, San Jose, CA

Go for the opportunities to be surprised and delighted!

-Miki Teixeira, Sacramento, CA


The 2017 Adventure Photography Workshop was certainly one to remember. With an exceptional cast of instructors and a dedicated group of attendees, the amount of photographic learning during the workshop was stunning. Not only did the students create amazing images that they can be proud of, they also created friendships that will help them expand their network in the photography industry.

We’d like to give a special thanks to Julio Aguilar and Matt Stirn for assisting during the workshop and capturing behind-the-scenes footage. We’d also like to thank all of the models and athletes who helped us create great images during the workshop, we could not have done it without you!

© Julio Aguilar

© 2017 Julio Aguilar

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