Creating an Engaging Portrait

Creating an Engaging Portrait:

An Interview with Wall Street Journal Magazine Director of Photography Jennifer Pastore



Portrait of Exum Guide Dan Corn by Jonathan Finch, Adventure 2014

The ability to take an engaging portrait is a necessary skill throughout many specialties of photography. From fashion, to sports, to wildlife advocacy, there are important characters in every story that need to be portrayed in a way that is special to the photographer but also relatable to the viewer. Making a technically sound portrait can be relatively easy when shooting in natural light or using a common external lighting formula. But creating emotion, character, and developing a persona within a single image is a difficult task. So, how can it be done?

Alexander Strecker from Lens Culture recently sat down with Wall Street Journal Magazine Director of Photography, Jennifer Pastore, to talk about portraiture and what it takes to succeed. Click Here for the full story.

In the spirit of this article we dug through the Summit archives and picked a few portraits that we felt were exceptional.


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