Blinded by the Light: 2021 Lighting Workshop Recap

We had a fantastic time at the 2021 Lighting Workshop in Denver, CO! A group of students with varying levels of experience gathered in the heart of downtown with four outstanding instructors: JC Carey, Matt Hernandez, Taylor Ballantyne, and Dave Black. They learned the art of lighting, skills to improve their lighting technique, how light can elevate them as a photographer and a working professional, and how to think outside the traditional bounds of light. It was truly a fantastic week and we all walked away with some outstanding  images, new ideas, new friends, and wonderful memories. 

Check out a highlight of the week  below! 

“Every lit image is two separate exposures” - JC Carey

Westcott Rep and Summit Instructor JC Carey helped the students improve their portfolio, learn the technicality of light, and work on fashion and lifestyle shoots! 

“Available light is available to anyone, not everyone is going to make their own light; that’s the difference” - Dave Black

Master of light Dave Black taught the students light painting and how to push their boundaries and mindsets. He also gave portfolio reviews and helped students critique their images! 

“You have to remind people what they don’t see… People have to see it before they realize that they need it” - Taylor Ballantyne

Taylor spoke on launching your business and marketing yourself. She also took the students out location scouting and worked to use lighting to fulfill their creative vision! 

I use artificial light because it lets me control any situation and manipulate it how I want. It’s taken my work to the next level! Without it you’re at the mercy of your location. With it you control all of it. - Matt Hernandez

Westcott Top Pro, Matt Hernandez taught the students how to work with athletes and light in tricky situations. He also focused on freezing motion and posing athletes to look their best! 

Huge thank you to our gear partners, Sony Alpha and Westcott!

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