Gifts for the Photographer in your life

The holiday season is upon us and that means it’s time to give and receive gifts! 

It can be challenging to think of the perfect gift for the photographer in your life. This list includes options at a variety of price-points to help guide your gift purchasing! 

A Think Tank Camera Bag! 

A camera bag is always a fantastic gift, as we photographers are constantly lugging all our gear around to get the perfect shot. This is one of our favorite Think Tank bags, but they have options that will fit any gear carrying needs! 

A LaCie Hard Drive

Every photographer needs tons of storage so you can’t go wrong with the Rugged USB 3.1 Gen 1 Type-C External Hard Drive! We are fans of the 4TB sze but they’re are a variety of storage options available! 

Photo Books
A photography book is a fantastic gift to inspire the photographer in your life. Plus, they look great on coffee tables. Below are a few suggestions of books by Summit Instructors! 

Photoshop Keyboard Cover

Photoshop and Lightroom are two major editing platforms for photographers. And knowing the keyboard shortcuts for these programs is a lifesaver. This keyboard cover includes the shortcuts! 

A Donation to a Photography Organization

Any photographer will tell you the power of this passion. It can be truly life-changing. There are quite a few organizations that use photography for social or environmental good. These groups are doing fantastic work. In this season of giving, you can give back by making a donation in someones name. 

A Summit Gift Card! 

Help the photographer in your life invest in their passion and improve their skills in a kind and supportive community. Summit is the premiere organization for online and in-person photography workshops and these gift cards work for either type of workshop! 

Sony Gear!

We are thrilled to be partners with Sony Alpha, the leader in the mirrorless camera industry. All current and past students get a 10% discount on gear, contact us for more information! 

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