Creating a Visual Narrative with Deanne Fitzmaurice

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January 23 – February 13, 2021 (Six 2-hour Sessions)

In this online workshop with Pulitzer Prize winning photographer Deanne Fitzmaurice, we will discuss approaches to documentary storytelling, how to gain access to the photo story you want to tell and how to find an authentic project that is personally meaningful. It can be a story about a person, a neighborhood, an event, a social issue, a sport, the environment, the possibilities are endless.

We will discuss all our tools including lighting, composition and serendipity to help capture the telling moments and raw emotion that contribute to a memorable and impactful story. Is there a topic you have been photographing that you would like to unearth from your hard drives and create a thoughtful, engaging photographic narrative? Or maybe there is a topic you can safely photograph near home.

Whether you are new to visual storytelling or you want to take your storytelling to the next level, you will be in a supportive environment where we will review your individual projects to build impactful stories. We will discuss editing, sequencing and curating your project into a structured, cohesive storyline.  In this workshop, we will help you build a story, either from existing work or a project photographed during the workshop!

Schedule (Six 2-hour sessions)

All times Eastern Time (US and Canada)

Saturday January 23rd:  1pm – 3:00pm ET “How to Find a Meaningful Story”
Saturday January 23rd:  3:30pm – 5:30 ET “Project Discussions & Reviews”
Tuesday January 26th:  7pm – 9:00 ET “Creating Impactful Storytelling Images Part I”
Tuesday February 9th:  7pm – 9:00 ET “Creating Impactful Storytelling Images Part II”
Saturday February 13th:  1pm – 3:00pm ET “How to Curate Your Project Into a Storyline”
Saturday February 13th:  3:30pm – 5:30 ET “Final Edit on You Projects & Next Steps”

Maximum 8 students

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