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Creating Memorable Wildlife Images

At the end of this interactive class, photographers will have developed a better understanding of what to consider when trying to capture memorable wildlife/nature photographs.

Who should take this class?

  • Those with a basic understanding of photography and camera basics.
  • Those with a passion for wildlife, nature, and conservation photography who want to learn to improve their imagery in a fun, interactive, and encouraging setting

Group size is limited to 6-8 participants

Workshop Schedule

October 5, 2021
One 2-hour session

October 5th 9-11pm U.S. Eastern Time

First, we will examine why images are so powerful, and 5 key things to consider when taking a photograph.  We will then look at features and characteristics – beyond a mastery of the technical basics – that can give wildlife/nature images real impact.

Then, we will review (as a group and without knowing who the photographer is) at least one (hopefully two) images provided by each participant. We will examine these to understand what worked well, and what could be done differently next time

Meet your Instructor

Doug Gimesy

Doug is a conservation, wildlife and animal welfare photojournalist, with a focus on Australian issues. He holds a Bachelor of Science with majors in zoology and microbiology, a Masters of Environment and a Masters of Bioethics. His work has been published by National Geographic, Audubon, BioGraphic, BBC Wildlife, Australian Geographic, and in papers such as the NY Times, The Australian and various NewsCorp mastheads.

His recent work has focused on the conservation and animal welfare issues that face the platypus and Grey-headed Flying-foxes, as well as a series of images to highlight the important work conservationists and wildlife rescuers do, entitled ‘Wildlife Warrior, Conservation Champions and Animal Advocates’ portraits.

An Associate Fellow of the International League of Conservation Photographers (iLCP), in 2017 he co-established the Victorian Alliance for Platypus-Safe Yabby Traps that facilitated a ban on the use and possession of platypus-drowning fishing traps, and in 2021 (after 2 years) successfully had the platypus listed as a threatened species in his home state of Victoria – giving the platypus and its habitat greater protection.

Doug has been a finalist in the Wildlife Photographer of the Year competition and the Big Picture Natural World competition, has won the Australian Geographic Nature Photographer of the Year ‘Our Impact’ and ‘Monochrome’ categories, and Wildscreen Panda Photo Story Awards.

In 2020 he published a children’s book with his partner Heather, on Flying-foxes called ‘Life Upside Down’.

His hope is that the images and information he shares will inspire people to stop, think, and treat the world a little more kindly.

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