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As visual people, we connect to strong photographs and compelling video – but in today’s landscape we are inundated with visuals constantly. It can be a challenge to cut through the noise. Multimedia projects allow you to work with your personal strengths to build a story that engages audiences in new and creative ways. 

This workshop walks you through various multimedia projects that have had an impact. We will speak with the creators and pick their brains on how they came up with these ideas and how they executed them. There is no wrong way to create a multimedia project – and our speakers are a testament to how powerful they can be!

The goal of this class is to push your mindset on the types of projects you can create and give you the tools to get there. This workshop is intended for those with a deep passion for photography and video, as well as a topic you want to build a project around. With the instructor, the guest speakers, and your fellow students – you will have a community to help you brainstorm and build fascinating projects! 

Five 90-minute sessions and one 1:1 meeting/All times are EST (United States and Canada)

Session 1: Monday, April 12th 8pm – 9:30pm 

What is Multimedia? In this session we will get to know one another and discuss what multimedia is, how it can be impactful, and examine some truly inspiring projects.

Session 2: Wednesday, April 14th  (guest Clay Bolt) 8pm-9:30pm 

Mixing Photo and Video: In this session we will be joined by Clay Bolt who will talk about how combining his stunning photography with a short documentary engaged audiences to achieve their conservation goal. 

Session 3: Saturday, April 17th (guest: Mark Isaac) 1:30pm-3:00pm 

Innovation in storytelling: We will be joined by guest speaker, Mark Isaac, to delve into two of his projects that cut through the noise to tell stories of climate change. We will discuss bridging older technologies with newer ones and how to use abstract work to engage audiences. 

Session 4: Monday, April 19th (guest Michael Forsberg and Mariah Lundgren) 8pm – 9:30pm

Pushing the boundaries: Micheal Forsberg and Mariah Ludgren will be joining us to talk about long-term time lapse cameras mixed with video storytelling.  

April 20 – 22 & 26: 1:1’s with Brooke McDonough

Brainstorms and Beers: Monday, April 28th 8pm-9:30pm 

Grab your favorite beverage and let’s have a brainstorming session! Your supportive Summit community can help you think outside the box. After the 1:1’s we will have this final session to tell the group our ideas and help one another creatively use our strengths for a project. 

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