The Power of Projects with Jim Richardson

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Using projects to shape and direct your photographic work. 

Finding meaning and direction in your photography is one of the greatest challenges for anyone who takes their photography seriously. But it is also one of the most rewarding things a photographer can accomplish. Many photographers have technical skill, artistic talent, and ambition.  But their work remains random and unfocused, they meander from genre to genre, never develop a body of work and often find themselves lost in the search for photographic fulfillment.

Projects offer a way forward for photographers. Whether they be simple or grand, broad or focused, these self-assignments are effective photographic stepping stones. Projects are a key tool that photographers can use to build work over time and bring clarity to their photographic ambitions. 

Taught by National Geographic photographer Jim Richardson who is known for his career-defining projects over the last five decades. Spanning genres that include documentary, editorial, photo essays, travel and conservation, Richardson has built bodies of work known for their depth and effective communications. (This is one reason his National Geographic colleagues named him their Photographer’s Photographer in 2015.)

In this workshop Richardson explores the tools and techniques he has pioneered for developing and organizing your photographic work. Using his decades-long projects (Rural Life, Scotland, World Food) he’ll show how projects give direction, create virtuous circles of work leading to assignments, and establish identity and industry profiles for photographers. And he uses his personal reflections to show how projects bring personal value and meaning to a life in photography.

His career is a testament to the power of photographic projects. 


Three 2-Hour Sessions


December 19, 2020

Noon EST: How Projects can build and shape your photography – and your life

2:30pm EST: Tools and Techniques for building photographic projects

5pm EST: Using Projects to put your photography to work and build your career

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