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The Process: Building Blocks to Better Lighting

Join JC for The Process to learn from his lifetime of mistakes and leave you in a place where all the intimidation of lighting is melted away leaving you with the building blocks needed to allow exploration in your creative endeavors with lighting and photography rather than frustrations. This step-by-step foundation will help you create a strong skeleton to flesh out your lighting ideas with a process that is easy to follow for any photographer that understands how to change the shutter and aperture on their camera.  Lots of behind the scenes examples and before and after’s make it easy to see WHY and HOW you would want to make various decisions rather than focusing on giving you something to copy. Group size is limited to 15-20 participants

Thanks to our partners at Westcott, they are generously giving every student that signs up a $20 gift card to achieve your lighting goals!

Workshop schedule

March 7, 2022:  8pm-10pm Eastern (United States & Canada)

Session One – Join JC as he goes through his process to take the fear out of flash. Covering the basic steps to allow anyone with a camera and a strobe to create dynamic images and put you on the path to making photos rather than just taking them. This first session goes in depth into the basics: Qualities of Light, ISO Choice, TTL vs Manual Flash, Focal Length, Aperture, Shutter, and how they all interact to allow you to be creative. JC ‘s aim is to give you a way to get to a foundation built allowing you to explore your creativity. Students will be given assignments to complete in between days.

March 9, 2022:  8pm-10pm Eastern (United States & Canada)

Session Two – JC dives deeper into High Speed Sync, Rear Curtain Sync, Flash Duration, and other tools that you can use to bring creativity to your work with strobes. After day one you should have a really good understanding of how the choices you make before you even turn on a light affect what you will do when you start to shoot. That is when you can start to unleash your creativity….


JC Carey

Workshop Faculty

Joseph “JC” Carey is a lifetime image maker that like many photographers was terrified of lighting until he was gifted with a class in 2007. The class wasn’t very informative with too many of the “recipes” that people love to share rather than teach how to light, but it lit a fire that has never stopped burning. That gift changed everything. It transformed him from someone that barely took pictures of people and knew nothing about lighting into someone still trying to figure out how to light everything. 

The last 14 years have passed with him being blessed with a daughter, a career doing what he loves, multiple magazine covers, and with meeting amazing people and trying to create great images of them. The art of photography and taking pictures is his passion but the ability to make his vision a reality in a photograph is what truly drives him. 

JC has taught all over the US including being part of the Faculty at Summit Workshops. 

JC joined the FJ Westcott Company in 2020 as their Eastern Accounts Manager and also works as a professional photographer.  

Follow his Instagram at JCPhotoMedia

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