The Working iPhone with Jim Richardson

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April 26, 28 & May 1, 2021 ALL Times Eastern Standard (United States and Canada)

(Three 2-hour Sessions) *Class recordings are made available to those enrolled! Recordings are accessible for 60 days following the workshop.

Photography transforms us, takes us to new destinations, and opens windows to new ways of seeing.  Few cameras have changed photography as much as the iPhone, freeing photographers from the tyranny of overstuffed camera bags as well as the dogged allegiance to technical solutions.  The iPhone spurs journeys of visual discovery — and it’s a lot of fun! Besides that, you’re paying good money for the camera that you carry everywhere everyday.  It’s time to master everything this wonderful tool has to offer.

Join me, an award-winning National Geographic photographer, for three sessions exploring the tools and learning the skills that will make you an iPhone believer. 

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April 26, 2021: 8-10pm EST

Master the iPhone: First we’ll dig deep into everything the iPhone can do straight out of the box. Starting with basics; then exploring how to shoot portraits stunning panoramas, create impressive time-lapse and slow motion movies and use all the tools built into your camera. 

April 28, 2021: 8-10pm EST

Explore the Apps: Next we’ll take an extended trip though the myriad apps that extend the capabilities of your iPhone. We will explore apps that can enhance your work, tone your images, and even add stylistic elements to your photographs. 

May 1, 2021: Noon-2pm EST

Putting pictures to work: This session is all about putting your pictures to work. The range of apps available to do this is just astounding. There are apps that create graphics, ones for creating those spiffy panorama carousels on Instagram, journaling apps connect your photos with meaning; and others that turn your phone into a teleprompter while you record your online presentation.

All together now….

Taken all together combining these mechanisms turns the iPhone into a powerhouse tool. And not just for the fun of it. I’ve shot whole magazine assignments on the iPhone. National Geographic has published stories shot with these apps on the iPhone. Join me and discover how to make the technology in your pocket work for you.

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March 8, 2021: 8pm-10pm EST (United States and Canada)
March 10, 2021: 8pm-10pm EST (United States and Canada)
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