Bill Pekala

Bill Pekala has been an active professional photographer since he graduated from high school and went to work for the Lexington Herald Leader, Lexington, Ky. He went on to free lance work for a while before joining Nikon in 1974 as a Nikon School of Photography instructor and Pro-Market Technical Representative. Bill took the reigns of Nikon Professional Services in 1981 and worked his way up to General Manager of NPS for the America’s. Bill Retired in Jan of 2014 after 39+ years with Nikon.

Bill was the chief Nikon trainer for the NASA Shuttle astronauts in the early days of the program; teaching crews how to document life in space aboard the Space Shuttle and has been avid aviation fan for many years and is a member of International Society of Aviation Photographers (ISAP).

Bill sat on the Board of Directors of the Eddie Adams Workshop for 10 years.

Since retiring in 2014 Bill has been a faculty member of the “Clarkson Photography at the Summit”, “Photo Scenic Kentucky”, and “His Light Workshops” at Bodie, Ca and Moab, Utah. He specializes in Time-Lapse, Night Sky, and Aviation photography. He enjoys keeping his photo skills sharp and sharing his years of accumulated photo knowledge while on assignments for Nikon and others.

Bill’s work can be viewed at

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