Charlie Hamilton James photographed at the National Geographic studio

Charlie Hamilton James

Charlie Hamilton James is a National Geographic Magazine photographer specialising in wildlife and conservation photojournalism.  His wildlife photography is technically complex and often involves specially invented and engineered equipment. As a conservation photojournalist he has covered issues across Africa and South America. His photography was showcased by 2014 BBC 2 television series ‘I Bought a Rainforest’ which followed Charlie as he travelled across the Amazon photographing the complex issues of people and wildlife.

Charlie is currently working on three National Geographic Magazine assignments. ‘Vultures’ documents the catastrophic decline of vultures in India and Africa. ‘Yellowstone’ is a team coverage special issue of the Greater Yellowstone eco-system. And Manu National Park – the world’s most bio-diverse national park.  Previous stories for the magazine include ‘Kingfishers’ and ‘Eurasian Otters’.

When not taking photo’s Charlie also works as a wildlife cameraman – credits include Planet Earth, Life and David Attenborough’s Life of Mammals.

Charlie’s work has won numbers international awards including several awards in the Wildlife Photographer of the Year – he won the title Young Wildlife Photographer of the year twice 1990 and 1991. As a wildlife cameraman and television producer he has won awards including – Royal Television Award for Cinematography (twice), Wildscreen Award for Cinematography, BAFTA and EMMY nominations.

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